Signing up for Zeqr is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select Register as a Zeqr or Register as an Xpert, found at the top of Zeqr’s home page. You may be both, but select your primary role. To learn more about the differences between Xperts and Zeqrs, see related article: Am I automatically both Zeqr and Xpert when I sign up?
  2. You can sign-up using your LinkedIn or Facebook Account, or you can fill in all of the information in the registration form.
  3. Once at the bottom of the form, you will see two options: Personal Account and Business Account. If you are using this as an individual, select Personal Account. If you are using this as part of or for your business, select Business Account.

You are now ready to select Sign Up, which will complete the registration process. Note that by selecting Sign Up, you are agreeing to Zeqr’s Terms & Conditions.

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