To ensure you are properly prepared for your first video, voice, and/or screen share, Zeqr’s Browser Support Test will walk you a process to get you to full compatibility. Be sure to use this in advance of your first session!

Here is a list of compatibility requirements:

Voice and Video:

  • Zeqr currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, and Internet Explorer 11+ (IE via plugin), which is easily downloadable via the Browser Support Test. Please use one of these browsers or plugins when on Zeqr. At this time, the network doesn’t support Safari or Edge.
  • Have an internet connection of at least 300 kbps.

Screen Share:

  • Zeqr supports all of the previously mention browsers and plugins mentioned above for screen share as well; however, users will need to install an additional plugin, available through the Browser Support Test or downloadable via prompt at the time a screen share is first initiated.
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