Yes, you can invite your colleagues, family or friends to join the class, if the Xpert is offering the class to multiple participants. The number of seats varies from class to class and is determined by the Xpert, and the total amount of seats is 8. 

 Choose the class you want to invite others to:

1. Click Join Class on the left right hand side of the screen.

2. Pick a day from the calendar.

3. Pick your preferred time slot.

4. Select the number of seats that you want to purchase.

5. Provide email addresses to the other participants.

6. Click Continue to Payment.

Note! Class participants that you invite to a class doesn´t have to be an existing Zeqr user, but must register a Zeqr account before the class begins to be able to join the class on the scheduled time. 

You can´t change the participants email addresses after you have purchased a class. 

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