Both Zeqrs and Xperts can reschedule a class more than 24 hours in advance!
It´s not possible to reschedule less than 24 hours before the class starts.

  1. To reschedule a class, you simply go to your Zeqr or Xpert Dashboard. Under Upcoming Events, find the class that you need to reschedule.
  2. Click on Reschedule under the green Actions button.
  3. Follow the steps 1-2 to choose a new date and time to fit your schedule.
  4. Click on Confirm
  5. Both the Zeqr and the Xpert will receive a message about the reschedule and your Dashboard with Upcoming Events will be updated.

If Xpert doesn´t have available times in the availability calendar, contact the Xpert directly to reschedule.

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