A complete and an impressive profile increases your chances of grabbing the attention of Zeqrs and Xpert. Here are just a few tips that can help you create a successful profile. 

  1. Always add your real first name and last name as your profile name. 
  2. Upload a profile picture that is real and can leave a positive impression on the user. Your real picture is always suggested.
  3. Record a short video about yourself – including your background, unique experience, and why you joined Zeqr are great places to start.
  4. Add a small description about you. It is displayed after your current location. You should not write a big story here, but a small paragraph describing your skills, experience, and achievements. You can also write something about your passion for a subject. 
  5. Add your skills. It is always suggested that you add as many skills as you have. You should add those skills in which you are proficient.
  6. Add your experience in your CV/Resume. It is a great place to showcase the real picture of your skills. List all companies / organizations, you have worked with. If you have been a freelancer, you should list all your projects in this section. Do not leave any stone unturned; mention even a small project that you have completed successfully.
  7. Add your portfolio to showcase what projects you have done so far. It is the best place to display your best work. We suggest adding your portfolio with the best of your works. 
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