Xperts can post classes on topics in their field of expertise. Simply follow the steps below to successfully create and post a class:

  1. Select Post a Class found under Xperts menu to open the class creation page.
  2. On the creation form, fill in the required fields; Class Title Description, Language, Category, Subcategory and Description.
  3. Record or upload a class video to introduce yourself and describe your class.
  4. Select your Level of Expertise.
  5. Set Price per Participant and hour.
  6. Set other parameters such as the Maximum Number of Attendees (max 8), and Duration of Class.
  7. Choose if you want to Upgrade your class to Featured Class or not.
  8. Under Advanced Options, you can upload any supporting Materials or Training files related to the class. You can also set your Schedule flexibility and Publishing settings.
  9. Select List My Class.

A detailed class listing will receive more attention from Zeqrs. You can also select the Featured Class option to upgrade your class. A Featured Class will be easily found as a top class search result and may be featured on Zeqr website.  

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