We, Zeqr,[30 Chytron Street, Office A32, Third floor, 1075 Nicosia, Cyprus, Company ID: HE 359 318] adopt the following Privacy Policy regarding personal information which is disclosed to us via our website www.zeqr.com (the “Website”) from our users. 

If you decide to sign up and register as one of our users on our Website, and hence choose to disclose information to us via our Website, you agree with the use of the disclosed information in accordance with this Privacy Policy aswell as with us to use the information in accordance with our general Terms and Conditions. You can find general Terms and Conditions on the Website. For avoidance of doubt it is noted that our general Terms and Conditions shall be seen as an integral part of this Privacy Policy. 

We reserve the right to modify our Privacy Policy at all times, without any prior warning in order to comply with any changing legal obligations and/or to improve our service towards our users. 

Our collection of information 

The personal information which you disclose to us and is collected via our Website can consist of, without being limited to, your name, email address, information of your different interest, attended classes and your rating of the classes you have attended. You – as a registered user of our services - hereby unequivocally and irrevocably gives your consent to us for using personal information – disclosed to us - in accordance with the terms in this our Privacy Policy and in our general Terms and Conditions. 

For your information we do not store any personal information longer than legally admissible and in any case not longer than required for the purposes mentioned below 

Our use of your personal information 

The personal information which you disclose to us when a) registering as a user of our services and hereafter b) by using our services, will be processed in accordance with the Swedish legislation regarding processing personal information (Personuppgiftslagen (1998:204)) 

We will use your personal information, disclosed to us, in order to be able to supply and improve our services to you. We will use the information for administration of your user account and to contact you, to be able to connect you with other users to attend lectures/classes, to be able to send newsletters – with suggestions for classes or other marketing information – and other information to you which is based on your interest and your attendance to the classes/lectures, to improve our Website and adopt it to the interests and desires of our users, to facilitate your use of our Website to fit your interests and for those other purposes which are explicitly stated in our general Terms and Condition. You explicitly consent to, that the part of your personal information, which is disclosed to us in order to make public on our Website – such as for example information regarding your experience and skills as a lecturer or information about what you wish to learn - also is made public on our Website. 

All our marketing activities and communication with you will comply with the applicable legislation and we will obtain all necessary authorizations before you receive any emails or other electronic communication from us or from one of our partners. You can at any time demand a stop for the sending of such marketing information. 

You always have the right to access, modify, correct and delete your personal information by us. As is stated in our general Terms and Conditions you also have the right - free of charge and upon request – to stop us from using your personal information. In such a case our services will not be available to you anymore and all your personal information will be deleted. 

You consent for us to share and transfer personal information to our partners in order for them to direct marketing activities towards you. You can at any time revoke your consent for us sharing the said information with our partners. If you wish to exercise your right to stop us from sharing information, you just inform us of your decision in this respect. 

The easiest way to inform us about o revoked consent – or of your request for us to stop using your personal information - is by mail [email protected] If you chose to use mail, we ask you to enclose a scanned copy of your identity card for us to verify you as the origin of the request. 

Transmitting personal information to third parties 

In supplying our services we cooperate with so-called service providers who process personal data in its name but on our behalf. Our service providers is resident both in the EU aswell as outside the EU. You explicitly consent to us transmitting personal information to our service providers – in and outside the EU - in order for us to supply our services. We will not share any personal information with any third parties for other purposes than mentioned in this Privacy Policy unless otherwise stated when collecting the information. 

When appropriate or required, we shall be entitled to transmit personal information to law enforcement authorities, regulatory or other government agencies, or third parties where necessary or desirable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations or in the context of the above-mentioned purposes. 

Cookies and web beacons 

In order to enhance the functionality and user-friendliness of the Website, we use so called cookie and web beacons. Cookies are small text files or parts of information that are stored on the hard drive of a user and is uses to keep traces of previous visits to certain websites and the information that is associated with these visits. Web beacons are electronic images that make it possible to count the number of visitors to a particular website and provide access to certain cookies. The cookies and web beacons we use do not collect or store the name nor email address of the user. 

You consent for us using both cookies and web beacons to monitor information on our systems and to identify categories of users on the basis of data such as the IP address, the domain, browser type and visited pages. This information is used by our webmasters to analyze the different parts of our Website in order to ensure that our Website is serving as a useful, effective marketing place and source of information. 

You can reject our use of cookies and web beacons by settings in your web browser. This can though affect the services that we supply. 

Security of the information 

We take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information from disclosure. However, you shall be aware of that the disclosure of personal information via the internet is not without risks. You therefore acknowledge that Zeqr cannot be held accountable or liable for any damage – neither direct nor indirect - you could suffer as a consequence of an illegal or illegitimate use of your data by third parties who do not have the authorization to use your data. 

Questions and concerns 

In case you have any questions about our Privacy Policy or, in your opinion, our policy is inadequate or inappropriate, you are welcome to address all your concerns and questions to us. The easiest way to communicate with us are using the chat functionality on the Website. You can also communicate with us by mail using – regarding our processing of personal information - – the email address [email protected] 

Competent Court and Applicable Law 

These Privacy Policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Swedish law in the way stated in our general Terms and Conditions. 

Any dispute between us regarding this Privacy Policy shall be finally settled in the way that also is stated in our general Terms and Condtions (unless otherwise imposed by mandatory statutory provisions applying for anyone of us).

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