Zeqrs and Xperts can report abuse at any given time. 

If a Zeqr finds / encounters any class / course / or material containing any of the below prohibited content please Report Abuse immediately. 

If Zeqr ltd finds content of this nature the Xpert or Zeqr will be deactivated immediately.

How to Report Abuse:

  1. Go to the Class description page or Profile of the person you want to report.
  2. Click on Report Abuse and fill out the abuse form. Zeqr administration will review the abuse report and take appropriate actions. Or, you can email us directly at [email protected]

Here is a list of content that is prohibited in classes and courses:   

  • Sexual or otherwise adult content.
  • Harassing or bullying content.
  • Violent content.
  • Content with weapons, ammunitions or explosives.
  • Content with drugs and illegal substances.
  • Misrepresentative content.
  • Content that infringes on third party rights.
  • Content that glorifies war.
  • Content that may expose children and young people to immoral or harmful influences.
  • Content that contains the harassment and/or the sexual exploitation of children.
  • Content that violates human dignity.
  • Content that discriminates or encourages discrimination based on ethnicity, race, origin, national, color, religion, age, sexual orientation, family status, gender, gender identity, disability, genetic or medical condition.
  • Content that promotes hatred racial or otherwise, describes or shows cruel or brutal violence in a manner that makes the information appear harmless or commendable.
  • Content that enables dishonest behavior.
  • Illegal content.
  • Religious activity.
  • Content that contains unnecessarily graphic and/or explicit language.
  • Content that promotes threats or intimidation.
  • Content that contains copyright infringement.
  • Content that is considered by Zeqr as inappropriate in its form or content.


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